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In-car DAB radios installed

When you’re cruising the motorways of the East Coast, you need to know that you’ve got the world’s music stations at your disposal. That’s exactly what our car digital radios can provide.

It really is that simple. From Jazz to Hip Hop, Rock to Classical, our in-car DAB radios can tune-in and get the best signal available; putting analogue to shame with their superior reception and wider choice of stations.

We have the widest range of digital radios possible in the whole of East Anglia, with continuous demonstration in our showroom. If you’re fed up with the poor quality of analogue radio, now is the time to upgrade.

The strength of digital transmissions are up by 600% compared to last year, whilst analogue signals are only 70% of what they used to be.

Why go for DAB radio in your car?

  • Analogue transmissions will be turned off, possibly within the next three years
  • Wider choice of stations
  • Station names highlighted
  • Digital sound
  • On-screen information (artists and song names)
  • News & sport headlines
  • Pause & rewind live broadcasts


If you want to fit DAB radio to your existing systems we think this is the best product available; please click the link: http://www.autodab.com/

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